Realistic Engine Sounds for Copa de Marcas

Realistic Engine Sounds for Copa de Marcas 1.2

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Realistic Engine Sounds (internal & external)
Version 1.2

It includes:

- Engine/Transmission/Backfire/Up & Downshifts .WAVs files.
- Modified .VEH files for all the cars.
- New .SFX file.​

How to install:

- Backup the files!
- Extract the ZIP file to your Automobilista directory (Overwrite any existing files).
- Turn up the volume and enjoy it!

All comments are welcome.

Use at your own risk!
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4.78 star(s) 9 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Changelog v1.2

    - Reverb/echo smoothing. - External sounds improved. - Improved curb sounds. - Minor...
  2. Update v1.1

    Changelog v1.1 - Transmission sound reworked. - New backfire sounds (internal & external) -...

Latest reviews

just saw this mod while looking at RD mods. Great sound really, very good immersion, thanks for sharing :)
I have a little sizzling slowdown on some tracks!?
Thanks for update! :)

This mod is must have! Sounds supa great and really adds to the immersion quality especially if you find the sound of your car to be a large contributing factor. Very easy to install and very good on the ears! :)
Amazing upgrade. Outside sound is perfect! Many thanks!
You Rock!!
In your preview video this sounds amazing! Great work. I cant seem to make it work in AMS, even after follow your instructions. when I get in a car there is no sound at all except for the sqeaking of the break discs. Please Help, Thanks :)
Hey there. In fact the installation is very easy, just open the zip file and extract all the content to the location of your game. This might look something like this:
(X is your drive letter). Extract it and overwrite all. That's it ;).
Great update
Finally a good sound for this great category.
Spectacular!!! My god......that Renault sound!!!!
My favorite car of the whole series!
Sounds great
Wow man, amazing sound!
Thank you very much!
You are welcome :)
sounds great!
Agree! Thanks for comment.
fat sound, thanks!