Realistic Crash Dynamic - Car Flip 1

flip mod

  1. auroboros
    Mod for achieving a natural dynamic flip during a crash.

    Please note that all cars will have less downforce and you will feel every bump of the track with this mod!
    Also, if you suffer from input lag (V-Sync etc.) you can make your car more responsive by lowering <crashSpinAngle float="80.0" /> value.

    For those who are using a mod which has this file modded, here's a quick guide too...
    1. Download Ryder BXML Converter here:
    2. Convert ai_vehicle_config.xml (found in ai folder)
    3. Open with notepad and edit the line <crashFlipAngle float="30.0" /> to <crashFlipAngle float="360.0" /> and save.

    Simple mod really. Enjoy!
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