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Realistic Aero Mod F1 2020

Realistic Aero Mod F1 2020 1.0

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Dramatic increase to dirty air and slipstream effects. This was done by modifying the vtx files for each car. Previously the dirty air was set to a value of 0.85, meaning a 15% reduction of downforce when following, and slipstream was set to 0.9, meaning a 10% reduction in drag. I changed these values to 0.55 and 0.73 respectively. This makes aero effects more realistic, based on the onboard footage I've watched of the actual cars. Corners that are ordinarily flat out occasionally require a lift off throttle when closely following other cars. Slipstream has also been buffed so that when you're within 0.6 s of the leading car at the start of a straight, you stand a good chance of completing an overtake.

To install, first make a copy of your “teams” folder from the C:\...\Steam\steamapps\common\F12020\2020_asset_groups\f1_2020_vehicle_package in the game files, and then replace the existing teams folder with the one included here.

Latest reviews

it looks like it does not affect AI! any way to make ai loose grip also?
the red bull skin has pixels everywhere but all in all very nice realistic mod
hey, I just got a question. It feels like dirty air effects only me. It doesn't feel like ai gets effected. Is it just me?

anyway what a great mod
This is good overall the effect each other cars so satisfying enough, but only things to need for fix for the next update is the livery for every cars blurry if only copy .erp data. i'd like if there others option for .vtf installation. thank you
It is a really good mod in general but it seems like the Mercedes cars are not affected by the mod. They just have a normal loss of grip
can you make one with only the slipstream effect would be great!
Can you tell me which line you edited?
In each vtx file, there's a line under the header <Aero> that reads "<m_aeroSlipStreamAirDensityScaleLift value="0.55" />
<m_aeroSlipStreamAirDensityScaleDrag value="0.73" />"
Those are your two parameters.
nice first mod mate
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