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RealFeel FFB Automobilista by Bbspadon 0.95

FFB Automobilista

  1. bbspadon
    Original FFB in Automobilisa is very good. I just wanted more feeling on the front wheel (understeer) and more informations about the contact tyre/ground.

    v0.95 Choice between 3 types of FFB:
    Original understeer feeling (just road realfeel)
    Balanced understeer feeling
    Strong understeer feeling

    Just try it and, please tell me your feeling to improve this file ;-)

Recent Reviews

  1. 7NBlack
    Version: 0.95
    I'm using a G27 and your mod is just terrible with it. Maybe it could be better if you share proper in game FFB setup. I did everything like you mentioned and the game was unusable. I hope you will sort this problem out because I really like this game but I want a more precision FFB than the original one. Like GTR2's Feels Real mod.
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