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"Real Penalty" Tool

"Real Penalty" Tool V. 3.02.01b

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Innovative and complete tool (server plugin + client app) to manage all penalties for all online events only from the server side (no file distribution needed).

This package is only the tool for the server!
If you are a driver and you need only the app: donwload here

Real Penalty plugin is now integrated in this great tool: AC Server Manager

License: Free use. No warranty. Use at your own risk. Modification and reuse require the author's permission!

Please read the readme file included in the download to install and use the tool.

For support please use the Discord channel: Discord

If you want support the project and get exclusive update: Patreon

System features:

  • centralized system
  • the app code and all penalty/race settings are saved on the server (managed only from the admins)
  • small compiled app for client (necessary to import all objets from the server)
  • crypted messages client-server and server-client
  • the code is loaded direct into the memory (no file writed); nobody can change the app code or edit the settings!
  • multi UDP relay
  • upgrade installation only on the server
  • easy install: copy/paste + edit ports/paths in ini files
  • multiserver ready (drivers need no change)

Penalty and race features:
  • cutting
  • cutting only in predefined sectors (#)
  • invalid next qualify lap after cutting the last corner (#)
  • speeding in pit lane
  • jump start
  • crossing pit lane exit line (#)
  • more accurate pit lane entry indicator (#)
  • illegal DRS use (thanks to @AdderSwim and his app "ACRL DRS")
  • safety car
  • assign penalty from race direction (from stracker as admin)
  • configurable drive through, stop&go disqualify or time penalty
  • rolling start
  • force internal view
  • blue flag in qualify out lap
  • sol check
  • auto kick for driver wihtout the app, sol (if required) and disqualified (penalty not taken)
  • additional track checksum (model and kn5 files)
  • weather checksum
  • additional track checksum
  • helicorsa integrated - impossible to disable!
  • manually live penalty
  • additional car checksum (collider included)
(#) only with an additional file of the track.

Future implementations

  • virtual safety car (#)
  • drivers swap
  • app for race direction (to assign or remove penalty manually)
  • app for live streaming (or integration in ACTV/Bcast)
  • ESC check
  • teleport to pit check
  • transfer penalties from qualify to race
  • ping test
(#) only with an additional file of the track

Plugin requirements

A root server or virtual server 64-bit Windows or Linux (32-bit not supported).

For Assetto Corsa game servers you should contact your provider.

If you like the project and if you feel like donating to me for the future implementations: https://www.paypal.me/DBolognesi
Thank you for the support!

Latest updates

  1. Fixed a bug using DRS penalty

    Sorry, I found a bug during race with DRS penalty enabled, now fixed.
  2. Important technical improvements

    New in game app for personal settings. Fixed occasional kick because failed checks DRS improved...
  3. Fixed a few errors in the log files.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

Latest reviews

I think its a really great idea, but I'm having trouble installing it, I don't know how to do it, and the readme.txt isn't helping me much.
A tutorial on how to install it would be amazing, if you do it you will get 5 stars because I really like the app itself.
Everything is described in the readme and ini files.
What kind of problem with the installation?
Upvote 0
Perfect tool for hosting and marshalling an online race!
Real Penalty is the best out there!
Big cheers to the developer Davide Bolognesi
Upvote 0
Amazing tool! Wishing it was implemented directly in Assetto Corsa one day or through Content Manager server!
Upvote 0
superb plugin a must have
Upvote 0
Thank you
Upvote 0
I love you for that <3 always wanted to write some modder about wishes for exectly this app! But this app checks even more than I thought about.

Hopfully it works like it schould :D but looks very promising
Thank you very much :)
If you have new ideas please write me (better in discord)
Upvote 0
Great job, Davide. Thank you
Upvote 0
As Admin, I like it, more and more and......
Upvote 0
Great work! Just what we needed!
Thank you!
Upvote 0
Nice work! really appreciate
Thank you very much!
Upvote 0
Nice App!
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