Real paint colors for Toyota Supra MKIV

Real paint colors for Toyota Supra MKIV 1.0

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I always thought that the color selection this car came from Kunos not only was inaccurate to the model year (they claim it's a '93), but also most of them didn't respect the original paint codes available from the factory so here's my selection from both years, 1993 and 1994 colors, along with updated previews:


Simply extract to the skins folder. I recommend to delete the original skins or back them up before extracting.

I also improved the tire dirt texture which is included with these skins:
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Given the Blue Pearl and Dark Green it seems the default paints are based off the 1997/1998 codes. I do wonder why this is. Did Kunos model the '97 version of the car but give it the date of '93?

Regardless the Opal Teal is my favourite colour for this model of Supra and I'm glad to have it.
Nice work, especially like the way you got rid of the metallic red.
Thank you!
thanks man!!
Very nice. Always suspected the original colors were a bit off. Those new dirt textures really brings the car to life.
More than a welcome addition for one of my fav street cars
Nicely done, thanks !!!