Real Menu Photos

Real Menu Photos 1.5.3

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-It makes your game looks awesome-
This mod is full online compatible :thumbsup:

I think that bring some real photos in the menus make the game look better and tidy. All the photos added took me an HUGE amount of work and somewhere there could be errors, so give me your feedback as usual and please appreciate my mod.
To install copy the GFXPAK.MIX file in your motogp14 folder and overwrite. Don't forget to backup your files!

You need winrar o 7zip to extract this file!

  • Widescreen Loading Menu
  • 71 brand new different HD photos for Tip screens
  • All Real Events 2013 preview
  • All Challenge The Champions preview
  • All official motogp 2014 tracks
  • Riding Styles (Marquez, Pedrosa, Espargaro, Lorenzo and more..)
  • Official website during career
  • 104 different real pics for ALL motogp riders in website's news
  • Factory Bikes 2014 in setup
MotoGP14X64 2014-07-02 10-27-05-12.png

Preview (12).png

SETUPS (new!)
Senza nome.png

Preview (6).png
MotoGP14X64 2014-07-02 10-56-33-40.png

MotoGP14X64 2014-07-02 10-41-08-35.png


Preview (3).png
Preview (11).png

MotoGP14X64 2014-07-07 21-50-51-76.png
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Latest updates

  1. Various bugs fix

    1.5.3: - Fixed missing hands in cockpit view - Fixed tyre compound texture color - Fixed...
  2. New photos during loading

    1.5: Added some new photos during loading screens
  3. Real Photos in Menu - 1.4 Version

    CHANGELOG v1.4: Added Real Bikes in setup schedule (at the moment only for Factory motogp...
  4. Real Photos in Menu - Ultimate Version

    Sorry for frequent updates, there was much work to do. Here's the final version. Unless of your...
  5. Real Photos in Menu v1.2

    You need winrar o 7zip to extract this file! WinRar: 7zip...

Latest reviews

Awesome work , just great
Good work
thumbs up! thanks!
That is soooo cool!!! Many Thanks!
great work. i didnt come to racedept for motgp14. but when i saw it i hoped i was going to see a mod for sound effects. but am sad to see there isnt one. i guess it isnt an easy task. but it would be a great game if it had more realistic soundfx. just wanted to add hoping someone is clevcer enough to do it. pls do it someone. :)
This give the game another fresh and brilliant looks , for me THE MUST HAVE MOD , Trully Great
Good job mate. We wait for your another masterpiece ;)
Giovaneveterano, thanks, this mod is brilliant. I don't know why MIlestone didn't put these photos in their menu. They use stupid rendering images: yours are great.
Bright like the polish. These new menus are excellent!
On my motogp looks brilliant. Thanks, this mod is what I needed
Great! Thanks thanks to all the modders who work every day for us, this mod is really well done. I like it!
Nice job, I love all of this pictures. website is really cool :D
Fantastic mod
Thanks :)
I always mod with heart.
I'ts the best, like Fernando <3
It's possible to use it on PS4?
No, this is only for PC, I'm sorry.
good job it's a great mod
I love the new widscreen loading, much better than the small one
Thank you, the default pics was orrible. Better gaming now, wonderful mod.
Wow! Great!
Great , thanks !
This mod adds certain professionalism this game desperately needed. Great job!
You forgot to remove the watermsark in some photos, even though it is a really great mod! Also, I suggest you to get better pictures (I get most of mines on Tumblr, it's a nice place for searching resources and references).
Thanks for the feedback. I will check it out and I'll fix it.
awsome (Y)
good job