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Real life AI 2014-08-15

The Best Ai Period!!! as close to real life As possible, and ready to School you!!!

  1. igearzone16
    2 versions 780 horsepower cars and 900 horse power cars, all Drivers have been maxed out to top level performance all 21 of them
    lap times are based on 900 horsepower version cars...
    if you are tired of winning all the time.. then install this .. this will re ignite the game to new challenges.like new again. forget the BOZOS on line. that drive like senior citizens....

    all ai set to highest level.
    v80% less mistakes...
    better racing line
    race up to 3 wide, without hitting each other
    3 to 7 second faster lap times across all levels
    damage can be set high, as there are very fiew accidents
    mostly just wings
    safety car will come uo about 30 to 45 seconds after an accident..
    not instantly
    cars that crash 10 meters outside track, will not cause a safety car, there are not in the way
    only 10 meters or less or on track accidents will cause sc
    cars sometime will have DNF due ti engine trouble
    cars will pull to the side of the road if that happens

    AI gets stronger and more smarter and 1 to 2% more aggressive after each lap.... So note, just because you are in 1st on lap 3 doesn't mean you wont be in 13th on lap 20!!!!!

    the 780 horsepower AI is much cleaner then 900 horse, but performance is only slightly different...
    also in career mode the AI and engine power increases with each tier as you go to the next championship, the game will be harder, faster AI with 20 extra horse in each tier 780 will climb to 860. in last tier

    XML files are text in text format use your notepad, for tweaking

    to give ai more passing power you can up the values in

    <lowSpeedBoost_MaxBoost float="1.1" /> set it to 1.3 or 1.4
    <drsSpeedBoost float="1.2" /> same here

    also more or less grip this line
    <totalGripFactor float="1.0" /> to 0.90 or 0.80 less grip
    or 1.1 up to 1.3 more grip.. this effect globally

    you can also lower or raise the average speed global setting in

    <avNormalTargetSpeed float="240.0" /> default is 200 lower it to 160 for even cleaner racing or higher tio 280 for more aggression...
    performance stays same

    improve handling or lower it

    <scBrakingPerformance float="0.85" />
    <scCorneringPerformance float="0.95" />
    <scMaxThrottle float="0.95" />

    highest 1.0 for maxed out handling breaking and accelaration...
    lower it to eas the ai down a bit
    to let ai pass and aproach you at higher speeds, you can raise this

    <blMaxSpeedDifference float="10.0" /> to 20 or 30 max 40
    <sqMaxSafeSpeedDifference float="10.0" /> same here make sure they natch

    30 or 40 ai will blow by you, like you are standing still

    play with these to make it more to what u prefer if you dont like the defaults i set.

    there are many many more other improvements, but too many too list ai is as close to real life as possible, since F is not bumper cars...
    you will just have to notice other changes on your own. think of it as a

    China times in professional level default Ai top 2 cars 1.42
    Moded Ai top 2 cars - 1.37 in professional
    legend top 2 cars are running 1.35's and lower

    No other tracks tested.. yet

    ai not affected in classic mode, only horsepower is raised in classic cars...

    All 21 drivers, drive like they are the top 21 drivers in the world..

    Meaning you will get smoked...

    have fun...

    Personalty i was getting boref in legend, and now I am trying to get better then 5th in amateur level using my defaults at 780 Bhp.

    feedback is appreciated :):(;););):mad::mad::confused::geek::geek::rolleyes::rolleyes::D:D:D:D:devilish::devilish::geek::geek::geek::geek:
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    Version: 2014-08-15
    Excellent Thanks you!
    1. igearzone16
      Author's Response
      Thank you for appreciating my efforts.. Thnx again
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