Real engine power 2016 2.0 + Realistic damage mod 1.0(thanks thrashersfreak) 1.1

New: with Realistic damage mod 1.0 from thrashersfreak for use with F1 2016 mod

  1. laubie
    here is it!
    -My real engine power 2016 2.0 mod combined with :thumbsup: thrashersfreak :thumbsup: fantastic Realistic damage mod 1.0
    Thanks a lot....
    Now you can experience the 2016 season with a lot of more realism like damage, retirements, and more unpredictable race results.
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Recent Reviews

  1. KevNOVA
    Version: 1.1
    Humm about the pit stops problem . I don;t know why , i never had the pitstop problem ... They started pitting a lot since i modded realistic damage myself. And when AIs are lapping other AIs . The AIs being lapped usually just stick to the wall and then hit it and damage their car. Then they pit ..
  2. nath
    Version: 1.0
    hi,theres something wrong on this mod in china vettel did 8 pit stop,and in spain rosberg did 8,u should give a look at something
    1. laubie
      Author's Response
      Ask codemasters, it's a bug since release! Has nothing to do with this mod
  3. roberto63
    Version: 1.0
    fantastic job thanks