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Real display damage by Luc1gnol0

Real display damage by Luc1gnol0 1.1

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Doesn't work
Lucio Distilleri
Lucio Distilleri
Try turning on the pc... lol
very good replacement of the huge default display. Before use check that damage display is activated (CTRL-Q). Working with AC 1.13.2
very good
Does not work since update 1.12
Great job !!!!
Great addon for AC but it doesnt work for me. Reinstalled it 3 times now, damage display is enabled and damage is on 100%. Car gets optical damage but no damage display shows up at all. Hope you can help.
Doesn't natively work with VR: you have to modify the "damage displayer.ini" . Here's mine:
for a window of 1280x768 (ingame graphic options).
Very good mod, much immersive than the original!
Excellent mod. Why didn't I find this before ... Works great and on my triple screen setup it shows in the left bottom corner of the left screen. Ideal position for me. Thanks !
No damage display at all. Nothing showing up. Damage enabled with Ctrl+Q, damage is appearing on the car, but nothing on the display :(
Lucio Distilleri
Lucio Distilleri
it works at all, reinstall closed the game
Ne fonctionne pas chez moi et je n'ai plus l'indicateur de dégats !!
Lucio Distilleri
Lucio Distilleri
I think u have disabled the damage... Press ctrl + q
This is the most awsome app known by too few. Its sleek, it fits the game so much better, cant compare it to the original.

Do side-damage ingored, though? I suppose its becaue that damage doesnt have any impact on the cars handling, but the others does. Right?

Literally the one absolutely essential addon for AC. I`ve been using it for longer than I`ve had an account here, and recommending it to everyone. Great job, and thank you.
one of the most simple and must have mod
Awesome!! Much better than Kunos display.

This is really useful, specially when you have your turbo at 100% and the Engine keeps flashing all the time. With the regular display it annoys the heck out of you but with this one is really clean and neat! Thank you a lot!
Thank you
Perfect! Actually makes it more immersive. I have hated that car thing from the get go. I expect that is why Kunos made it so nasty to get clever guys to fix it. ;•)
Excellent, much needed improvement thanks.
Five star app. Exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks for making and sharing.
Perfect - thanks :)
Great app, and easy to reposition if need be.

To place it centered just above the virtual mirror edit \system\cfg\damage_displayer.ini that way:

Here's what you get on a 1080p display: