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Real display damage by Luc1gnol0

Real display damage by Luc1gnol0 1.1

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nice to have and small...too
3 years pf happy using. Best rework.
considerable improvement on stock damage skins, nice work. def worth an install.
Thanks, good mod
Awesome!! Much better than Kunos display.

Top! (del schoggno!)
Excellent job,thanks and Happy New Year !
miles better than the original. thank you for taking the time to do this and generously sharing with every one.
one of the most simple and must have mod
fantastic job !!!!!!!
Literally the one absolutely essential addon for AC. I`ve been using it for longer than I`ve had an account here, and recommending it to everyone. Great job, and thank you.
Awesome, the default one was really annoying, especially when it stayed visible after x amount of damage, complete eyesore! thanks
This is the most awsome app known by too few. Its sleek, it fits the game so much better, cant compare it to the original.

Do side-damage ingored, though? I suppose its becaue that damage doesnt have any impact on the cars handling, but the others does. Right?

fantastic job!!!!!!! thanks and Happy New Year !
Fantastic job !!! Thanks!
Two words... absolutely brilliant.:):)
Much better than the original! Is there a way to change the size? I would like to have it a little bigger :)
Even better solution than the small damage displayer :-) I like this.
always used this