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Real display damage by Luc1gnol0

Real display damage by Luc1gnol0 1.1

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Lucio Distilleri
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4.70 star(s) 56 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. for ac 1.11

    new wings icons, and 1.11 fix

Latest reviews

Much better than the original! Is there a way to change the size? I would like to have it a little bigger :)
jai un triple screen il aarait sur mon ecran de gauche comment faire our le mettre sur l ecran central merci
Lucio Distilleri
Lucio Distilleri
edit the POSITION_X=20 value, i think POSITION_X=1940 is a nice setting for central monitor
considerable improvement on stock damage skins, nice work. def worth an install.
nice to have and small...too
How can you set other values, for ex.: for tires , Suspension, BODY, so that the orange/red color of the car parts appears earlier !
Great stuff, using it for quite some time.
Two words... absolutely brilliant.:):)
Must have!
If you installed the mod correctly like I did and you still can't see the damage displayer, try moving the app using content manager.

goto: settings > assetto corsa > damage displayer. Then use the sliders to move it around. In my case I had to use the second slider and move the app up.
Some of the textures are in the wrong places/folders, works great after fixing it, but I had to manually go and move some textures to the right places.
miles better than the original. thank you for taking the time to do this and generously sharing with every one.
always used this
3 years pf happy using. Best rework.
Great mod thanks! Works perfectly on v1.15
Thanks, good mod
Doesn't work
Lucio Distilleri
Lucio Distilleri
Try turning on the pc... lol
very good replacement of the huge default display. Before use check that damage display is activated (CTRL-Q). Working with AC 1.13.2
very good
Does not work since update 1.12
Great job !!!!
Great addon for AC but it doesnt work for me. Reinstalled it 3 times now, damage display is enabled and damage is on 100%. Car gets optical damage but no damage display shows up at all. Hope you can help.
Doesn't natively work with VR: you have to modify the "damage displayer.ini" . Here's mine:
for a window of 1280x768 (ingame graphic options).
Very good mod, much immersive than the original!
Excellent mod. Why didn't I find this before ... Works great and on my triple screen setup it shows in the left bottom corner of the left screen. Ideal position for me. Thanks !

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