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Re-built sounds for Copa Petrobras de Marcas 1.03

This mod atempts to correct some issues with sounds, while adding a few new effects.

  1. DucFreak
    This mod is for the Copa Petrobras de Marcas free game released by Reiza (and Petrobras).

    The game comes with detuned engine sounds mix. And it makes one cringe at times.
    The game also has hidden files, it has no visible .SFX files that we can edit.
    So, I had to rebuild the whole thing from bottom... (took a good time to get things right).

    This mod is an atempt to fix the issues with the detuned transitions/crossfades of the engine samples in the original game.
    This means that, with this mod, the cars will sound same as in original game, just better tuned and harmonized.

    I've also added a few internal FX samples of my own creation (done for another project), such as transmission-whine (was absent in the game), new road-roll noise and louder wind rush, to raise the audio immersion.

    My intention with this was to use the most of what the game has, and introduce the least number of things as possible, while reinterpreting plenty of the game's audio parameters.
    The original sounds in their basis are decent afterall. They just needed a little polish. :)

    -Minor adjustments in volumes.
    -Adjusted volume of opponents (was too high).
    -Adjusted volume for transmission-whine (was a little too high at times).

Recent Reviews

  1. banger
    Version: 1.03
    thanks duc
  2. Jyri Kettunen
    Jyri Kettunen
    Version: 1.03
    Essential fix.
  3. FAX413
    Version: 1.02
    THX :-)
  4. roby13
    Version: 1.02
    maybe the start of a cooperation? crossing fingers.. THX duc
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