RD HistorX Mod TestCars 1.00

Performance balanced A1 / B0 cars

  1. Stuart Thomson
    This download contains 3 approximations of new vehicles (TVR Grantura, Porsche 911E and Ford Escort Mexico) created by me from already existing Historic GT & Touring Car (HistorX) mod files. Please read the ReadMe.txt for full credits.

    These are for use within the Historx mod only, I am using existing car models with lower powered engines dropped in, and as such, there are some accuracy discrepancies. Indeed, "there are some fortuitous accuracies" might be a better description. These cars are for use on RaceDepartment servers for RD Club racing, purely to expand the choice options in some of the "pace groups" and I have obtained approval from the HistorX team specifically for this usage.

    It was created with Gimp 2.8 & Notepad++, and the only original content within are the liveries created from scratch by myself. People can feel free to use them as long as I get the credit as the original creator.

    To install, please extract to your root rFactor folder.

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