Rattlesnake Point by Slider916 & Cammel 1.1

Rattlesnake Point by Slider916 & Cammel

  1. Yves Larose
    4.72 mile Roadcourse set in Rattlesnake Point provincial Park in Ontario Canada.

    Thanks to the following people for allowing this conversion to take place.
    -Smokey0023 the original creator for N2K3.
    -DEHawk for GTR2 conversion
    -Neel Jani fixes and improvements

    -DerDumeklemmer for GTL Conversion

    Thanks to Pain-less for the loading screens.

    GTR2 and GTL readme files included out of respect for the authors.



    - Working Start-/PitIn-/Pitoutlight

    - Full featured AIW (36 cars)

    - Standing and Rolling Starts

    1.1 Log


    - Fixed material naming.


    Slider916 and Cammel
    13-Jan-08-rCentral-9607_rsload.jpg 17-Feb-08-rFactorCentral-5351_GRAB_018.jpg 13-Jan-08-rCentral-7674_rattle_rfc.jpg 13-Jan-08-rCentral-5909_rattle_rfc2.jpg 17-Feb-08-rFactorCentral-8017_GRAB_026.JPG

Recent Reviews

  1. Test.Pilot
    Version: 1.1
    Fantastic Track, few know it, but good racing here for almost all sorts of cars. Top job