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Random Career Season Mod 1.3

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I created this mod in my free time today, took around 5 hours to iron it all out to this stage. I will not be adding team or driver photos, simply do not have the ability to do so.

I used multiple car skin mods to create this, thank you to all of them for making the skins for their respective mods! :)

The race calendar has changed, so here is the mod Season:
Australia, Brazil, Silverstone, Spain, Germany, Monaco, Canada, China, Austria, Hungary, Spa, Italy, USA, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Bahrain, Sochi

Teams included:
Genii Mercedes, Rothman Williams, ING Renault, Maserati, Minardi, Brawn GP, BAR Honda, BMW F1, Jaguar, Jordan, 'Relentless F1'
Merecedes, Williams, & Brawn are tier 1
ING Renault, Minardi, BAR, BMW, Maserati & Jordan are tier 2
Jaguar & 'Relentless' are tier 3

Drivers like:
Aryton Senna, Rubens Barrichello, Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Juan Manuel Fangio, Jenson Button, Alexander Rossi





Hopefully I will have time to iron out Driver pictures, and other things, for now I don't

Enjoy! :thumbsup:

Latest updates

  1. Adds German Language and DATABASE EDITS

    Just adds proper names for German language and a performance change in the Database.
  2. Fixed Ralf Schumachers Name

    No longer is he Juan Manuel Schumacher, not Ralf Schumacher for Jordan.
  3. Balances Gap Between Top and Other Teams

    There was a gap between Williams, Brawn, and Mercedes to the rest of the field, now should be fixed.

Latest reviews

Greate Mod Play is Greate
Hi, this looks great! Would you be able to let me know if this works online?
Many thanks

Cesky Krizak
Cesky Krizak
It doesn't, changes database files which disables online play
Nice to include my Genii Merc and Rothmans Williams! Super!
Cesky Krizak
Cesky Krizak
Nice to see my Renault being used
Cesky Krizak
Cesky Krizak
Thank you for making it!
wonderful mod
Excellent work! Love the new calender, it's a nice change! The other teams are nice too! I really like ING Renault car! Thank you for this mod!
Cesky Krizak
Cesky Krizak
Thank you!
very good work
Cesky Krizak
Cesky Krizak
Thank you!
Are all cars on RB10 chassis & do you have more pics?
Cesky Krizak
Cesky Krizak
Not all of them are on the Red Bull Chassis, I think Jaguar, Jordan, Mercedes, 'Relentless' aren't, there may be one more as well.
Awesome work! Nice to see two of my mods in it !
Cesky Krizak
Cesky Krizak
Thank you for making them! :D
Good work :) can you create 2004 season mod with all teams?
Cesky Krizak
Cesky Krizak
I may be able to, I just am not able to make skins myself, I'd need help with skins for it.
exelente,esta el mas grande de todos los tiempos jajajaja juan manuel.. amigo,solo una pregunta, ¿ como haces para modificar los equipos y nombres de los equipos con el data baseeditor? tienes algun tuto ? por que quiero realizar algunas modificaciones y no encuentro la manera desde hace dias .
Cesky Krizak
Cesky Krizak
Gracias! Yo uso Ryder Language Editor para editar nombres , utiliza el archivo de idioma para cambiarlos. Mi español no es así lo siento !

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