Rallysprint  Villa de la Sidra

Rallysprint Villa de la Sidra 1.0

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Excelente, buen trabajo. Gracias por compartir.
cool but is it possible to fix wall hit ... touch a wall propulse car in the sky....embarassing with the controller but very dangerous with my motion plateform... If someone can help you to fix these little bugs here and there it will be great :)
Trazado muy bonito pero los limites de pista mal echos y es bastante molesto chocarse con vallas cuando queda bastante para darle, encima te quedas bug y no puedes moverte.
Casi como en la realidad. Si te chocas contra una valla, suele venir la grua a buscarte
Great work !
Outstanding work! Thanks!!
Great, great job. I like it so much!!!. Asturias is a great land of rallies and pilots
nice track, very realistic
you are doing a monstrous job for this map, congratulations to you, I love it!! I am allowed to do a camtool replay on it if you see any inconvenience?
Tienes mi permiso para hacer lo que consideres
Very nice track, One of the better rally stages. Great work!
I like it very much. Pretty road surface. Great work! ;)
Awsome track. Technical corners, yest easy to mantain good speed. The details and style of the track are nice, and asphalt looks cool.
Very beautiful and realistic looking. Thank you.
Very nice rally. Kinda long, but well done.
The start and finish are where the rally begins and ends. It is the real road of the rally, even narrower than the one I did, it is a ten km stretch
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