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What racing gear do you use while sim racing?

  • Gloves

    Votes: 280 19.5%
  • Boots

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  • Gloves + Boots

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  • None

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Rallylegends Mod - VW Polo R WRC v 2.0 + New RX track "Kouvola" by ultranew_B:

Rallylegends Mod - VW Polo R WRC v 2.0 + New RX track "Kouvola" by ultranew_B: VW Polo R WRC V 2.0

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I really like this car. Sounds and physics are awesome!
Quality mods
Wonderful handling. Best since RBR. Finally a car that loads the front end when tapping the brake into a corner and helps the back end come around instead of just mushing straight forward. So well balanced and fun to drive. Thank you for your very fine work!
Vielen Dank, super Arbeit!
Super fantastic, but my side windows are fully opaque and I can't see through it, how do I fix this guys?
You have managed to make something truly awesome here guys and i thank you! Feeling, model and sounds are top notch and the tracks are very fun to slide around (even more so with friends).

With Kunos never ending support and updating of AC this is getting more and more viable, and i hope in the near future the whole rally Community comes to AC. :) Because driving these 2 WRC cars on the rallycross and hillclimb tracks is so good that i uninstalled Dirt Rally. There is no need anymore for it (for me anyway), and more friends did the same. So thanks guys (and thanks to Kunos!)!

Please never stop guys. :)

Signed: a lover of all (well almost all) motorsport.
Fantastic car , thank you!!
Verry verry nice can You make the Ford Focus Rallye car make from year 2007 ??? Orte more Cars Subaru wrc
Great work loads of fun. AI needs improving. Great fun on multiplayer.
I like!
Hey guys! Nice work but, i have the problem. When i put car on game and i start the race, it's crashed and i come back to menù. Why?
Magnifique - many thanks! :)
Rated excellent as the car & track are, just a shame the AI don't seem to be able to get off the start line.
Another great car, physic and sound. Your team do a fantastic work.
This car is really great to drive! I've tested it on the Nordschleife and I love it. The behaviour of the car is very similar to the Polo WRC in Dirt Rally. So, good job! BUT I can give only three stars, because the car has a very, very lousy FPS performance. I have a Nvidia GTX 980 and with the original cars and most of the mod cars I have permanently 60 FPS, with the Polo I only get between 45-50 FPS. That's no good at all.
Another amazing car! Great work RL team !

MP rallycross action @ Kouvola:RX is intense !
Very good, i like it nonetheless, it has some serious improvement margin. For example dashboard looks like shiet and outside sound and replay exterior sound must be louder more intense. Thanks for the effort.
I just drove the polo on top of the transfagarasan and it was awesome (except the switched rear view mirrors) and that new track is great for powerslides!!!