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Rallylegends Mod - VW Polo R WRC v 2.0 + New RX track "Kouvola" by ultranew_B:

Rallylegends Mod - VW Polo R WRC v 2.0 + New RX track "Kouvola" by ultranew_B: VW Polo R WRC V 2.0

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Looks good but there is no sound when driving with the outside camera, only the pops and bangs can be heard!
It wont let me load into any maps, it will act like its launching the map, then it will take me back to the Summary screen. Fix this because I have never been so disappointed. Its the same with the other cars as well.
Nice car overall. But the inside camera (the one that can not be fixed with on board settings) is a little high. It needs to be lower
fahrermodel feltsteht da OBwohl ich das richtig installiert habe BETRUG!!!!!!:)
need to fix sound? Great mod apart from that
Gracias y gran trabajo ¡¡¡¡¡
great mod,but need to fix external sound
Great, but no "skid" sounds makes it unusabe for me
no external sound and tyre v7 :)
Can someone please update this to 1.15 ? It's a great mod just please make it work with 1.15
Fix external sound
Good Mod but I Haven't Latency Audio Setting!
top notch! very good
thx for this great job.
plz add external sounjds and make the red, green and blue upshift indicators actual lights. Thanks!
Very good mod, but no external sound...