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Rallylegends Mod - VW Polo R WRC v 2.0 + New RX track "Kouvola" by ultranew_B:

Rallylegends Mod - VW Polo R WRC v 2.0 + New RX track "Kouvola" by ultranew_B: VW Polo R WRC V 2.0

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:::::: with the arrival of physics 4X4 on te Assetto Corsa Game, we can use exotic and legend cars and have made racing history! Arrives free , with the aim to include and insert in this magnificent Sim - Game the most important rally cars!! My friends Moku, Kazuma76, Garyson, Rodriguez, Maxximum, Farins i was allowed to convert their models created in recent years.To take advantage the performance of the AC game engine, each model will be revised with change specific 3D, and HD texture.In the future of AC probably it will come snow, dust and mud, at this time the cars that will be released will have asphalt setup....

PROJECT INFO AND CARS LIST: http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/rallylegends-mod-combo-vw-polo-r-wrc-new-rx-track-kouvola-by-ultranew_b-now.19853/

FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/Assetto-Corsa-Rallylegends-Mod-1686889031532115/timeline/?ref=hl

VW Polo R WRC - Version 2.0 by Rallylegends Mod ( No Damage - Tarmac/Asphalt Tyres and Setup) + New Rallycross Track "KOUVOLA" by ultranew_B
List changes/update:

- New shadow effect by x4fab;
- New smooth group - added Co-Driver - new glass adjusted and more by peksis;
- New Physic by Abbo90 - adjustment steering - engine curves - differentiated shifting timings and gearbox inertias - gearbox ratios following FIA limitations - differentiated damping and spring model based on known used technology - little aerodynamic and weight distributiontuning,
- Added Optional All Skinpack 2K ( 2048 X 2048 for Fast FPS ) - Dropbox link...
- Base Template Added (.psd format ).
- Installation: Extract the content to: SteamApps\common\ assettocorsa\content\

New Rallycross track "KOUVOLA" By ultranew_b - LINK DOWNLOAD:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/s5pgggdnelbv2rg/2K Polo Skins.rar?dl=0

Support for AC update 1.6 and Tyre Model Version 6 ( No Damage - Tarmac Setup)


VW Polo R WRC V 2.0 - Credit and Men at Work:
Garyson: Original 3D Model and basic template and texture...
abbo90: Physic engineer, geometry, tyres and behavior car and more...
peksis: Conversion 3D model in game, KS Editor, animations, shaders, light, LCD panel and more...
IMrIMike: Sound Designer, test in game, and more...
NWRAP-ESP: Maker official WRC livery 2014/2015, and more...
schUPpor: Maker Martini, Repsol and Rockstar livery, and more...
TTM: Help graphic and maker suits, gloves and helmets official team 2014/2015, and more...
nikkk78: 3d improvements, new textures, some livery, changes and preparation of the 3D model, increased realism and quality and more...

Special Thanks:

ultranew_b: for new RX track Kouvola;
Viper: For the promotional Video;
0understeer - Peter Molnar - Nahkamarakatti: for advice, accurate physic, right setup, test in game;
ultranew_b - Vanven: for help, advice and support;
Bond!JamesBond!: for "OMP" suit and gloves (Bond's garage);
uChristopher Pick (Blackcelica): for "Kunos" driver suit, helmet and gloves.

Promo Video:

Comments and Feeedback are Welkome!

recommended audio settings................................................................................................!!

if you appreciate this big work, support the development team... consider the possibility to donate or..... offer a beer! :D




Latest updates

  1. New VW Polo R WRC V 2.0 by Rallylegends Mod

    New VW Polo R WRC version 2.0 by Rallylegends Mod + New Rallycross Track "KOUVOLA" by...

Latest reviews

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It wont let me load into any maps, it will act like its launching the map, then it will take me back to the Summary screen. Fix this because I have never been so disappointed. Its the same with the other cars as well.
Upvote 1
Nice car overall. But the inside camera (the one that can not be fixed with on board settings) is a little high. It needs to be lower
Upvote 0
fahrermodel feltsteht da OBwohl ich das richtig installiert habe BETRUG!!!!!!:)
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need to fix sound? Great mod apart from that
Upvote 1
Gracias y gran trabajo ¡¡¡¡¡
Upvote 0
great mod,but need to fix external sound
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Great, but no "skid" sounds makes it unusabe for me
Upvote 0
no external sound and tyre v7 :)
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Can someone please update this to 1.15 ? It's a great mod just please make it work with 1.15
Upvote 0
Fix external sound
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Good Mod but I Haven't Latency Audio Setting!
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top notch! very good
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thx for this great job.
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plz add external sounjds and make the red, green and blue upshift indicators actual lights. Thanks!
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Very good mod, but no external sound...
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