Rallylegends Mod - Lancia Delta S4 ( Hillclimb Version) v 1.0

Rallylegends Mod - Lancia Delta S4 ( Hillclimb Version) v 1.0 Version 1.0

No permission to download
Superbe travail!!!
good job
from what i have seen of this car it looks a really good mod. but for whatever reason it will not load up at all. tried several times to no success
ho inviato la donazione ma non ho ricevuto nulla
send.. enjoy!
Thank you very much!
Very good work best sound
Sounds good, looks good, but the brakes feel slightly underpowered to me.
Great Job as always guys, you've hit this one out of the park!
It's much better than Dirt's models lol! And it's fantastic to drive!
Thanks and kudos!
thank you !!
Very nice!
As Always Rallye legend mod is 100%Legend
Fantastic car very good job but More grip at the back please !!!
What a car ! One of the best mod for AC, great job :)
Thankyou for this incredible car, a beer is on the way
really special mod this .. however there is something not right with the handling rear end is a nightmare and ffb is not the best
BEAST!! love it, excellent work RL........ cough fiesta WRC2018 cough cough hahahahahaa ;)

la mod in game non parte, cm riporta l'errore driver mode probably missing

qualche suggerimento?

Extract the content to: SteamApps \ common \ assettocorsa \ content \
Looks good,but I want to open the back of the car and inspect the engine.How can I do it?
Thank you very much RallyLegends for this mod ! The car is amazing, we feel the power of this monster even when the turbo isn't 100%. The rear end is oversteer compared to the reality (Ianniello video), but it's easy to catch up ;)

Little video on St-Ursanne Hillclimb : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEJrHUnVMkk
I honestly did not expect to see any more releases from your guys, you've become so quiet.
But I just can't give this car the full five. It looks gorgeous, very fine modelling and texture work, but having a model this high poly but no LODs and not even a Low res cockpit is just not good, sure it is a stage hillclimb car that's alone on track/stage mostly but there's plenty of weirdos like me who like to fill a racing grid with cars like this. Your tactic to keep the kn5 filesize down by filling the skin folder with essentials is also a little .."shady".

Physics I had not much time to drive it yet, but like others wrote something seems wrong with the rear end, it is very loose and unpredictable
Just Awesome
thanks you ,i like rally
Fantastic job!
Great work buddy, thanks for this awesome car!
ay caramba! excellent work
Class job, lovely engine detail
Continuate a dare vita a questi mostri!!!
I supported the original Lancia mod on Facebook months ago and I'm very happy to see the Hillclimb version here. You guys put out some of the highest quality mods for AC and I love what you do.
Very Nice and a fantastic Job. Thanks a lot.
Another fantastic job,congratulation to all the team....thanks for sharing !
Another must have. Thank you.
Shame you guys can't produce them faster but I know...
it's easy for me to say... =)
Once again a perfect work, even if I'm not able to master that monster I'm proud to be a support of your work and will continue to do so. Your mods are the most awaited by rally fans and for some good reasons: this are masterpieces. Thank you for your work!!!
Perfect car thank you sooo much
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