Radical SR3 (1.3) Skin Package

Radical SR3 (1.3) Skin Package 9.1

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This is my very first resource uploaded to Race Department. I've been playing a little bit recently with skins and this is my first try to create a package for a single car. It can be used for both LHD and RHD version of Shaun Clarke Radical 1.3.

I'm not a master in skinning, I hope it is decent for you all!

Michele Esposito
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  1. Changed the blurred rims with the correct color

    In the first release I forgot to change the color for the blurred rim, and that was generating a...

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Great skins . Thanks
Michele Esposito
Michele Esposito
Really appreciate your feedback!
0k Gracias :)
Michele Esposito
Michele Esposito
Happy that you liked them!