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Racing Point Force India skin with no Sahara sponsorship 2018-10-23


  1. KaleF1_CRO
    Racing Point Force India skin with no Sahara sponsorship

    so, since Belgium Force India change their name to Racing Point Force India and lost sponsorship with SAHARA. So this is just a skin without sahara sponsorship on sides
    hope you like it

    Just extract files and copy files into cars folder
    don't forget to backup files

    Original skin by Roro Garcia

    Soon i would make

    Toro Rosso with KFC
    Mclaren with Coca cola
    and if i can create it Ferrari with Philip Morris's Mission Winnow

    If there is still people who can make some skins please continue creating it. PLEASE! :)

Recent Reviews

  1. formulaoneguru
    Version: 2018-10-23
    I love it man, thank you so much for keeping at it, please keep making F1 2012 mods
    1. KaleF1_CRO
      Author's Response
      Thanks man
  2. TorcidaOsijek50
    Version: 2018-10-23
  3. ClassicRacer4
    Version: 2018-10-23
    Great job dude
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