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RaceStandings dedicated server plugin 1

Exports the full race standings to a text file every time the leader completes a lap

  1. Cosimo
    What is this?

    RaceStandings is an rFactor 2 plugin.
    It is most useful if you are a league administrator or simply when you are hosting races on a dedicated rF2 server.
    It will also work fine when used on a normal rF2 install (not a dedicated server).

    What does it do?

    It exports the full race standings to a text file every time the leader completes a lap.
    It activates only in Race sessions and writes to a file called rFactor2\RaceStandings.csv.


    Because it really sucks when a dedicated server crashes and there's no way to reconstruct the race situation from an official source.
    This plugin will export the full official race standings every time the leader completes a lap.
    It was meant as a help for admins of endurance leagues primarily, but of course it works for races of any length.
    This could be a very long time for tracks like the Nordschleife, but this is how it works today.

    Where do I get it?

    There should be a download link at the top of the page somewhere. :)

    Found a bug?

    Please report any bugs or feature requests on the ISI forums:
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