Racedepartment Skinpack - GT2 November 2014

Official Skinpack for the Racing Club

  1. Frank

    Racedepartment Skinpack - GT2
    • November 2014.
    • Included skins for cars: BMW M3 GT2, Ferrari 458 GT2, Scuderia P4/5 Competizione, Corvette C6R by URD.
    • Based on Racing Club driver submissions from our skin thread - click here.
    • From there, the vast majority of skins are included.
    • If possible, a skin resolution of 4k was chosen.
    • If you get an 'access denied' error during extraction, run Winrar with administrator rights.
    • Readme file included if applicable.
    • With kind permission from the authors - click here.

    BMW M3 GT2
    - M Power version by Phil Davies
    - 2008 RLL pre-season version by Bernd Graf
    - Roal Motorsport 2013 by Ricardo Umans

    Ferrari 458 GT2
    - Sony PS4 by ML2166

    P4/5 Competizione

    - Santander Scuderia Glickenhaus by ML2166
    - DHL artcar by formulaHEINE
    - N-Technology by Michael Young

    Corvette C6R 2013 by URD
    - Color Pack (10 skins) by Michael Hornbuckle
    - Texaco by ML2166
    - C6R by thesimreview
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Recent Reviews

  1. TonYneT
    Version: November 2014
    Excellentisium ;)
  2. Thomas Cameron
    Thomas Cameron
    Version: November 2014
    great work all involved in one easy pack cheers guys
  3. Bernd Graf
    Bernd Graf
    Version: November 2014
    Nicely done, you can add my Efficient Dynamics BMW replica skin if you wish :)
  4. eSEA One
    eSEA One
    Version: November 2014
    Keep up the great work G