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Race.Driver.Modifications 1.0

camera and graphic enhancment

  1. hitm

    invest a few minutes into your cars paintjobs !
    choose a dark/very dark shade for all your colors !
    see the Video to get an idea ...

    - modification of all tracks lighting conditions
    - enhanced driving camera
    - alternate replay cameras

    - using a mix of modificated lighting.xml and permanent postprocess filters

    - this is ment to give the game a more realistic appereance by using its own config files and functions

    - the idea is to provide a sunglass-optic to choose while driving

    -however, while driving, the game offers only the function to cycle Forward through the available cameras, not backwards

    -its impossible to seperate the cameras that are only ment for driving and those only ment for replays, they are all always available

    - thats why the first two driving cameras are doubled, so you have to restart a race less often in the case you changed the view to often


    camera modifactions are not working for all download content cars / cars that have there camera file not under cars>models

    track Yas.Marina in day.light condition is totaly unchanged