Race 07 WTCC skinpack 1.6

WTCC skins to use RD club events

  1. Justin Swan
    Skins included in current version:

    Aaron Channer (Honda)
    Arne Dopudja (Chevrolet Lacetti)
    Arunas Linkevicius (Peugeot 407)
    Björn Golda (Seat)
    Blaz Kosir (Chevrolet Lacetti)
    Bob Luneski (Honda)
    Justin Swan (Honda)
    Matthias Klein (Honda)
    Reggie Blain (Honda)
    Tjaz Brelih (Chevrolet Lacetti)
    Vaughn Stegeman (Seat)

    submit your skins here: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/wtcc-skinpack.74937/

    You can also find a helpful guide to skinning HERE


    1. UDTeam2.jpg
    2. fortunaracing.jpg
    3. moviego.jpg
    4. 1524901_10151865358071837_1397981748_n.jpg
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