Mod R8 Gordini

  1. f1ligue

    This is the BETA R8 Gordini for rFactor

    This is the version 0.3

    - Corrections to known:
    / Most of the inside and outside mirrors
    / Correction CAMS
    / Sons to change (they are those of mod for rFactor R8 Gordini 1)

    - I expect a maximum return on physical (what could be improved and it is important not to change).
    - In Cockpit view, what I can improve

    Credits MOD (move it by the final release)
    - Full 3D PCModel
    - Nicolas Cruz (NSChumacher) Mapping / textures / formatting

    Participants: Yoss, Tortue G, Mulsanne, antony and I forget but it is only temporary Thank you once again
    I use sounds mod Franck55, this is only temporary ... God rest his soul I could not ask for permission .... So we will ourselves.
    No mirror in this version - No driver, it's normal

    That is,
    Have fun!

Recent Reviews

  1. mkilner
    Version: 0.4
    Its feels good, having never driven a Real one i can only guess at its feel, but i have owned and driven a Lada, and it has a certain feeling of unpredictability like it! ;)
  2. Zep
    Version: 0.3
    Thank you, excellent work.