[R4 Lancer] Katsuhiko Taguchi / Dirt Trial Skin v1.0 1.0

Skin for R4 Lancer, Katsuhiko Taguchi

  1. Shin-Chan
    I would like to introduce my first work for DiRT Rally.

    I have been working with Katsuhiko Taguchi as a translator for future rally drivers from Korea.

    Who is Katsuhiko Taguchi?

    You guys might have seen this car from DiRT 4.

    This is his car
    Also, when he was in Rally, and he was 1st in Group N, 8th in WRC, 2007, Rally Japan.

    He was Champion in Malaysia in 96, 97 and was champion in APRC 99 and 2010.

    There are also more podiums other than being first but I recommend you guys to find yourself ;) (too many)


    This is his car in real life, and here is the skin I made.


    There might be going to be minor update later but hope you guys like it.

    Katsuhiko Taguchi Webpage : http://katsu-taguchi.com/
    Yodarallying FB : https://www.facebook.com/yodarallyinging/?fref=ts
    My Twitch : http://twitch.tv/shc9975
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