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Puma P052 AMS Replacement Skins 1.1

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Latest updates

  1. Fixed folder path

    Fixed folder path so it can be a drag and drop into rF2 folder.

Latest reviews

nice ! thx
It is a 5 five star mod, sorry for my previous review, it was not a problem of name of the directory, I did not find the skins that are stored in the SCCA folder of the game, not in the Puma one
Great to have these skins in rF2. Thank you for sharing.
Where do I have to place the files to get them work? I have tried to copy them into the root but it does not work
Tar Heel
Try downloading the newest version. There was a slight typo in the folder path. You should be able to drag and drop UserData folder into rF2 folder now and use it.

Please consider revising your rating as a simple typo should not determine the rating of these skins
WOW THX man, good job !!
Tar Heel
You're welcome, but please send your thanks to @Lorencini. He is the original creator, I just converted them for rF2.
Tar Heel
File size
37 MB
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5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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