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ptracker 3.4.0

lap and race tracker, send setups, autosave pb setups, advanced chat client

  1. Introduce CS Teams, possibility to add UI data to stracker, statistic charts

    This is an experimental version, average users are encouraged to stay on version 2.6.10!

    • new db version 19 (relevant only for stracker):
      • add new table Teams
      • add new columns for Tracks and Cars tables
    • rename "Players" to "Drivers" in http server output (but the http addresses remain)
    • http server: add team classification to championships
      • team memberships can be assigned automatically using the entry_list.ini
      • team memberships can be assigned manually (in Admin Area) for all sessions belonging to a championship
    • http server: add statistics page
    • http server: the banner image is now configurable in the .ini file, default is the Assetto Corsa logo
    • http_server: add support for submitting AC's UI data from admin clients to the server
    • http_server: add general_admin page with a list of all cars and tracks used in this server
    • http_server: nicer displays for tracks and cars (if ui data is available)
    • http_server: add lap comparison charts in the lap details page
    • add stracker-packager.exe, which can be used to add some UI data (human readable names for tracks and cars,badge icons and track maps) to the stracker server (visit the general admin page)
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