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ptracker 3.4.0

lap and race tracker, send setups, autosave pb setups, advanced chat client

  1. new stable version 3.2.9

    About time to declare the 3.2.x series stable I would say.

    Changes compared to 3.1.x (better formatted change logs are available here: http://www.n-e-y-s.de/ptracker_doc#auto_chapter_3)

    • statistics browsing in ptracker is now much more fun due to integrated browser.
      • The local stats can now be as easily accessed as the server stats.
      • Server stat pages are directly generated from the server with same look and feel
      • Remote browsing works only with stracker versions >= 3.2.1
    • Add support for point to point tracks. Tracks must include the tag "A2B" in track_ui.json
    • spectating a different car now changes the leaderboard focus as well
    • click on leaderboard row to kick/ban/chat/send set/set focus
    • auto-login as admin if player is in stracker group 'admins'
    • implement configurable interval for live delta calculation
    • replay mode, still some limitations here:
      • works only for races (even in qualy replays, ptracker will assume a race session
      • seeking in replay files is not supported and will confuse the ptracker leaderboard
      • this might be helping for broadcasts with steam; please report back if not
    • introduce chat filtering by configurable regular expressions (try: (PLP)|(TCD))
    • introduce new options in config dialog:
      • "Lap times in race mode" can now be set to last laps, meaning that always the last laps times are displayed
      • "Race delta reference" chooses the reference of the delta times. Can be ego (= ego car or spectated car) or leader
      • "Delta coloring" set the columns where the red/green colors of the delta's are applied
      • "Show cars based on track pos" (default: next and last car)
      • "Colorize drivers around you" (default: True)
      • "Show driver status" (default: True)
    Changes / New Features
    • ptracker comes now with an installer. Execute the .exe and you will be guided through the installation. The MSVC 2015 redistributables should be installed automatically if needed. A small test is performed to check for virus scanner problems on this PC.
    • Fuel display can now be changed by clicking on the fuel icon
    • display lap invalidates caused by stracker (collisions) in ptracker validity display
    • display not connected cars in gray
    • clean up setup dialog (only display connected drivers, do not show kick/ban buttons anymore; they are now available by clicking on a drivers name in the leaderboard)
    • better error messages in-game when ptracker.exe cannot be run
    • prefix auto saved setups with the track configuration
    • lap times are colored according to session best, personal session best or normal, if laptime mode is set to 'last laps'
    • checkered flag display for drivers finished the race
    • add display of arrows to indicate which cars are directly in front / behind you on track
    • add in-game icons for dialogs, change main ptracker icon
    • use new python functions isCarInPitlane / isCarInPit instead of pit limiter stuff
    • add ballast information (from AC python API)
    • use new assist controls from sim_info and discard option parsing where possible; ideal line and auto-shift assists are now dynamic. Note: there seems to be something wrong with the autoclutch value delivered by AC.
    • Refactoring of ptracker's timing scheme (needed for the A2B track support). Please report any issues!
    • fix disable hotlap line option (do not display frame anymore, and avoid errorneous display of the delta label)
    • Fix framerate problems/microstuttering occuring mostly on Nordschleife with many cars.
    • correctly restore position of msg window even when it is placed at lower right
    • try harder to find a valid delta lap, consider also laps which are not the all-time best lap times of the combo
    • In Session Stat display, display all recorded sessions, not just multiplayer sessions
    • avoid timeouts when database migration is ongoing and lasts for a long time. Display a message to the user
    • fix db compression
    • remove pin hack, since this is not needed anymore since AC 1.6
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