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ptracker 3.4.0

lap and race tracker, send setups, autosave pb setups, advanced chat client

  1. 3.2.6-experimental

    Uploaded experimental versions 3.2.6 of stracker and ptracker to http://n-e-y-s.de. I think we are finally getting somewhere close to stable ...

    Change Logs:

    • installer: fix ptracker installation path detections containing / instead of \
    • add option "Show cars based on track pos" (default: next and last car)
    • add option "Colorize drivers around you" (default: True)
    • add option "Show driver status" (default: True)
    • add display of arrows to indicate which cars are directly in front / behind you on track
    • display checkered flag, pit status in new column instead of position column
    • fix best lap times are assigned to the wrong driver when using stracker (this is still occurring for drivers joining with multiple cars, will be fixed in next version)
    • fix errorneous lap detections (leading to log errors) for A/B tracks
    • fix db compression (really really)
    • fix disable hotlap line option (do not display frame anymore, and avoid errorneous display of the delta label)
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