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ptracker 3.4.0

lap and race tracker, send setups, autosave pb setups, advanced chat client

  1. 3.1.2-experimental; bugfixes and improvements

    Uploaded experimental version 3.1.2 for stracker and ptracker.

    Beneath many bug fixes, there is also a switch from python's builtin sqlite module to the external apsw which provides a better transaction model (aims to fix the instabilities observed during database migrations with parallel stracker instances running). Though already tested quite a lot, there might be some new issues regarding this change.

    On another note, one user reported that the setup detection did not work for him. He had to install the microsoft redistribution package 2015: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=48145 . If anyone of you has the same issue, this might help. I have not yet thought about a different possibility for deploying this...

    Another note: Recently I've setup a paypal account, and some kind users already donated some money. Many thanks, and I thought I'd spend the money on a server to support stracker/ptracker development. During the last week I set this up, it is running on linux/postgres with two AC servers, stracker and minorating. You can find the AC servers by typing NEYS. These servers will be fed with the bleeding edge development version of stracker, so I don't need to hijack the DMR servers anymore for testing new features. Also, running on linux and postgres with a multiserver setup, the test coverage has been greatly improved. I also host a web server there (http://N-E-Y-S.de) containing some documentations and the server stats. This is the only place where I will upload experimental versions (given the fact that RD changed their download policies recently, it is a very good thing to have a free independent place to host the project :) ). I hope it runs OK - please report any kind of problems with the service here.

    ptracker Changes:
    • better debugging possibilities for problems when launching ptracker-server.py
    • replace pysqlite3 module by apsw (big change - I hope this will be working!)
    • fix fuel calculations at refuel events
    • new tyre images (better visual colors)
    • fix for A->B track caused division by zero
    stracker Changes:
    • liveview changes:
      • redesign of the liveview, so that the information displayed in live view should match the stracker info better
      • fix multiserver liveview for windows
      • add car column
    • better PB/SB messages on multi car sessions
    • suppress PB/SB car display on single car sessions
    • fix generation of pb messages from stracker server
    • finish session is now called when the ac signal arrives or when the ac server is detected to be down
    • fix parsing of json UI files by usage of a new parser module (simplejson instead of python's json)
    • fix errors with log_requests option
    • replace pysqlite3 module by apsw (big change - I hope this will be working!)
    • this should be more stable in database migration, even on multiserver setups
    • really fix the problem with laps from last session counted for current session
    • add config option SESSION_MANAGEMENT/wait_secs_before_skip (default: 15 seconds)
    • suppress warnings and debug messages from udp plugin API when server is down
    • fix for A->B track caused division by zero
    • http: add admin button to invalidate all selected laps in statistics page
    • http: add optional paypal link in the footer (you can disable that in stracker.ini: HTTP_CONFIG/enable_paypal_link)
    • http: fix multiserver log file display
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