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PS01 Minardi MHR [F1 2001]

PS01 Minardi MHR [F1 2001] 0.1 Beta

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Hello assetto corsa community.
Here is the PS01 Minardi from the 2001 season it was the first f1 car with which fernando alonso contested his first f1 season.
Mod includes:

-Driver Suit
-Suspension animation
-real TV-CAM
-2 different car skins
-driver Alonso, Yoong

Short info about us.
Mhracing is a small group of 3d artists. Our goal is to model cars from the f1 series from 1999 to 2007 using real pictures.
Of course, it's not very easy to find pictures that you can work with, sometimes it takes weeks to find them. But you could help us to find better pictures for example cockpit or steering wheel pictures would be very helpful.
We have made our own sounds, but we are not 100% satisfied with them because we have not dealt with the topic for so long.
We have already got a few more cars from the 2001 and 2005 seasons. They just have to be brought into the game.
You can also follow the progress on our discord server as well as on instagram channel.
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Latest reviews

Hello again, yes there is definately something strange going on with the front of the car. I have spent an hour trying to setup the car up but it is as if the is an invisible wheel in the middle of the nose of the car, the front seems to rock from left to right on a central point at the front. Very noticable on the brakes, sometimes a front wheel looses all contact with the road. This is making the front lock up very strangely indeed. And maybe explain the unpredictable feeling at the front.
The 3D model is wonderful though as are the annimations so keep at it! Might be worth starting from scratch with a fully custom physics model :)
Also this car had a six speed transmission :)
Upvote 0
The model looks very good. The only problem is the lack of an onboard camera (there's only one but behind the top air intake) and the sound taken from the Tatuus FA01. But good mod in general.
Upvote 0
Very nice details! Thanks for the model
Upvote 0
I'm really impressed with the model, a very good reproduction of this tidy little car. The only issue i have really is the external audio - of which there are some pretty good quality samples out there - the tyre textures and the physics. the car has way too much grip on turn in.
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great car so far although im pretty sure the real car had a 6 speed gearbox
Upvote 3
Brilliant job! Keep going, more mods from 97 to 2008, my favorite f1 era, only and 4ever TRUE F1!!!
Upvote 1
The model is not bad for 0.1 though a tiny tiny bit of work on it wont be bad. I hope you change the suspension and aero because it seems you ripped them completely from the F2004. I hope to see this become more unique than just a decent model with ripped physics.
Upvote 0
Duplicate car for the separate drivers unnecessarily bulking the mod, and while the model quality is good, the suspension & aero data is identical to the kunos f2004.
Upvote 3
For a first time out mod for Assetto Corsa this is gold! Really hope this wont be the last of its kind!
thank you won't be the last either
Upvote 0
Drives well IMO. One small thing that would be good is if the steering wheel map changed based on the track being driven. I'm sure others will give better more helpful reviews but really good so far.
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