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circuito montaña

  1. prunet et belpuig 0.0.9

    A small artifact in a curve made it impossible since it is fixed forgive the inconvenience
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  2. prunet et belpuig 0.9

    Here I leave an advance of the circuit about to finish it since it is quite advanced.
    Box change
    textures of some components camera of repetition etc, shortly I will deliver the final, you can also find some work in this link.http: //assettocompetizione.foroactivo.com/forum, hoping that it is of your pleasure I send a greeting
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  3. prunet et belpuig 0.8

    Queda poco por concluir, esta es una pequeña actualización que corrige ciertas cosas, como las paredes de las cercas de asfalto y el escenario cercano, se tomarán las cámaras
    [MEDIA = youtube] AmngEt707uU [/ MEDIA]
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