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Prost-Acer AP04 1.0

Skin for Ferrari F2002

  1. bm91
    Here's my skin of the 2001 Prost-Acer team for the Ferrari F2002.
    This file includes the two liveries seen this season:
    the first one with the drivers Jean Alesi and Luciano Burti and the last one with Heinz-Harald Frentzen and Tomas Enge.


    1. Showroom_ferrari_f2002_27-2-2017-2-44-0.jpg
    2. Screenshot_ferrari_f2002_ks_barcelona_27-3-117-2-31-28.jpg
    3. Screenshot_ferrari_f2002_ks_barcelona_27-3-117-2-56-33.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Test.Pilot
    Version: 2017-03-27
    Brilliant mate, keep them coming, fantastic old liveries on this car, 5 stars because there are not 10
    1. bm91