Automobilista Awesome Mod - The Audi R8 LMS GT3 with Paul Jeffrey
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Proper Cockpit Camera Mod (full version) v4

Onboard cockpit camera now featuring horizon tilt (lean).

  1. Hiten Bongz
    Compatibility: RIDE 2, Steam patch 4
    Since Milestone somehow found it necessary to ruin the only proper onboard camera, I made my own mod to fix it. Please rate it if you like it, and maybe we can send a message to Milestone.


    The new camera is just like the helmet camera...without the static helmet image and muffled sound! This will replace the "cockpit" camera, NOT the "helmet camera" - boring old helmet camera is still intact for those who still want to use that. The new cockpit camera retains the same lean angles on a per-bike basis as those in helmet cam mode. I did not alter FoV.


    You cannot play online with this fix, and other online components may be unavailable as well. If you want to play online it's very easy. Just swap your original data.mix file back into the RIDE2 folder, renaming the modded one with a different extension. I've made the original data.mix available as well in case you overwrite your original. These will be uploaded along with the modded data.mix for each new update Milestone does. Until they decide to get off their butts and just give us the option in the game...if ever...but yeah hey thanks Milestone for ruining my favorite view I've used in all of your games going back to 2000.


    Holler with any issues. I'll have to make a new mod each time Milestone updates the game because it's doubtful they won't touch the data.mix file when updating and thus the modded file will be overwritten with a new one, reverting the changes. I'll update this thread with new versions as I make them, it's quick and easy to do so no worries, shouldn't take long to update...cough MILESTONE cough.


    -- Proper Cockpit Camera Mod v4 --

    Replace the data.mix file in your RIDE 2 folder with the
    modded one in this archive.

    The version-appropriate original file (data.old) has also
    been provided so you may switch back for online play.
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