Prokop Rally Monte Carlo 2015

Prokop Rally Monte Carlo 2015 1.0

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Driver: Martin Prokop
Co-driver: Jan Tománek


- added alternate black wheels

Drop contents into folder (default):
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DiRT Rally\cars\models\ffr

- replaces the all black livery
- if you wish to over-write a different livery, simply rename all of the files to match those within the corresponding livery folder:

livery_00 = Abu Dhabi
livery_20 = Kicker
livery_21 = Barracuda
livery_23 = Snap-on
livery_24 = Kumho Tyre
livery_31 = AMD
livery_40 = (no sponsor) black
livery_42 = (no sponsor) red
livery_44 = (no sponsor) blue

*** remember to make back-ups ***

created with:
Ford Fiesta RS WRC beta template [meerkat80]
Ego PSSG Editor version 10.0.2014.1226 [Ryder25]

Latest reviews

I love it. Do you still have the original template ? I would love to modify this skin for league use.
Excellent! Thx so much
Awesome skin! Any chance you could make the 2015 M-Sport livery for the Focus WRC?
bravo proprio bella
Thanks a lot, I was waiting for it! Very nice!
Nice !