Projector Headlights

Projector Headlights V1.2

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This update brings finer control over the settings of the headlights.

Press F6 to open and close the GUI

You now adjust the following settings:
Spot Angle( how far the light is spread)

Position of the light source with the previous release the light sources were overlapped to create an even beam pattern (Be careful with this Y coordinates adjusts left to right.)
The default position is Left: 0,0,0 Right 0,-0.999,0

Colour of the light can now be adjusted using the RGB slider.

If you need to reset the settings to defaults hit the default button at the top left.

The update button pushes out your changes to the headlights.

The glow on the lights when they spawn in on the work bench should be gone.

These settings are saved when saving the game i have tested a few times and the saves have been successful please report any bugs you experience.
This Release address's a few issues since version 1:
Both head light parts have to be installed before the logic will function previously you only needed the left light installed
The Satsuma now needs to have power going to it, this has introduced new code which should be stable please report any crashes you experience.
Future features:
Light bulb ware meaning having to purchase new bulbs from the store
Light bulb temperatures being able to change the colour light.

No time frame set on this yet.
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