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Project Grindelwald

Project Grindelwald 0.45

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This is an original track which I played a lot in Gran Turismo 2 and I wanted to drive here and share it for all the comunity of assetto corsa.
I made it entirely using Blender, Krita and Gimp.

Work to do:
- More objects in the track.
- Better textures for some parts.
- More balanced details in the whole track.
- Reverse Track if it is possible.
- Improve B and C course models and objects.
- More people around the track.
- Improve the pits.
- Snow Version (like in the real Grindelwald!)
- Animations (the train needs movement)
- Colission mesh to the whole track.
- Housing
- Add Bushes.
- Improve the AI.

A few captures here (they're from v0.35)




There is a link of google drive of the last version:

Grindelwald 0.45

Enjoy it!

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  1. Update time, Grindelwald v0.45 released!

    A new update for this classical GT track after weeks. I tried to take more time than before just...
  2. Grindelwald v0.30 is here!

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  3. Project Grindelwald

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Latest reviews

Loving it! Thank you very much! The shorter track "c" is awesome for test driving new cars! I even created a camtool set por this layout! https://youtu.be/pC-SFhNCa2A
Wow! Really good job with that cameras, it looks so different and smooth. Thanks to you for the video!
I haven't tried it with AI, but in practice mode it was really great and really polished. How did you even manage to achieve those high FPS? I couldn't get the performance to be that good on my Midfield Raceway...
I can't recall if the layout is 100% correct as there were only a few races back in GT2 featuring this track. But it feels very nostalgic and I remember driving a Lotus Elan there over 20 years ago!

To the reviewer below: I think about modding Red Rock Valley for a year now lol... but I haven't found that time yet and I also won't find it in near future.
Thanks for your review! I dont think it is too omptimized but maybe the track is cheap in terms of graphics because it is in progress right now. (and there are some textures that I keep in lowres on purpose). So I'm keeping to upgrade graphics taking care of a performance which my PC can deal with efficiently. Thats all.

About Red Rock I have the same problem with time, but lets hope somebody can make it for AC someday. Cheers for your track I enjoyed to driving in there!
Very amazing and fun track, now, I only need Red Rock Valley. Thanks, for this.
Thanks! to be fair, I want to make Red Rock Valley someday too, maybe after this track :) who knows.
Feels great already...Good luck with the project.
This is a very nice track, but as others have said the background textures need work. Looking forward to seeing something that replaces those weird house textures. And the mountain background seems a bit low-rez to me. I suspect this will become a 5-star once those issues are addressed.
Fantastic work and very fun track !
House and background textures are left to be desired but the rest is very well made.
Thank you for your work
For me it's the best track of the year, congrats. would still look at better texture on the mountain scenery and maybe ai is a bit slow at downhill turn after the trainstation. Otherwise it's flawless
Incredible. Luv your road surfaces
Screenshots didn't sell it for me until I saw the track with my own eyes. That moment I realized that this really is indeed Grindelwald.

I cannot believe its been 22 years since the original track has seen justice to bring it back to the modern era of Racing Sim which is truly a joy to see.

Please continue the good deed on improving one of the forgotten tracks of Gran Tuirismo 2!
Good job, keep it up!
Very good Updated!! https://youtu.be/2hQXF4HgggI
Thank you for the video!! I appreciate it!!
Hi. I liked the track, but the AI bugs after the start, the cars are wobbly (like when you warm up your tires before the races), any predictions for a fix?
Oh, Hi! The AI is from version 0.15, so It is outdated to the current one. So the AI at this moment is trying to folow a path that not exist because the track was lowered. Due this problem, is not working properly right as you noticed in that weird movement like a warm up. I'll definitely fix it in upcoming next updates.
https://youtu.be/eg7PJN6MGCU HOTLAP
Environment (8/10): Situated on the foot of the alps (as it seems), the track gives you a real sense of immersion, which I guess will be increased when Kuwaku releases the snow update. You have the tram going beside the track, some wooden houses and some very nicely modelled trees. It doesn't get 10/10 because, the textures (pretty good to be honest) aren't hyper realistic like a lilski or fat alfie track and the course can't seem to decide whether it's based in the 1960s or 2010s.
Layout (8/10): If your expecting me to say the lap starts on the start finish straight... You're wrong, because, the thing is, it's not actually straight. It's pretty strange, not gonna lie, but it makes for a challenging and exciting entry into turn 1 as you try to maximize the track width. Speaking of turn 1, it's very similar to "the spoon" at Suzuka, but instead of grass on the outside, a nasty, steep kurb awaits to flip your car. Keep to the left as you break earlier than you think for a second gear hairpin (Southpaw racer PTSD intensifies). However, it has a very unique feature (for a racetrack anyways). There is a gutter on the inside. If you want to ride it, you need maximum presicion and confidence in your car. Nail it and you will feel like Colin McRae. Bottle it and you'll feel like Mahaveer Ragunathans distant rallying cousin. You immediatly approach a flat right hander, which you should hug as tight as you can without spinning you car. Break in between the two boards on the left for the turn 4 chicane. Make sure to turn in early, but not too early, as you ascend the hill for the 2nd part of the chicane. Make sure you careful on the throttle coming out of the chicane as you go over a crown in the road. Turn 5 is a relativley non descript left hander, which you can attack the kerbs. Now it's time to descend into chaos as you enter my favourite part of the course. Turns 7-10 are all flat, but you must be smooth with your steering to not have a deadly spin at over 250 km/h. Make sure you keep to as much to the left as you can, as you break around 20m before the last board to your right. Turn 11 is probably your best overtaking chance as it is a hairpin with a big braking zone. Mount the kerb and get on the throttle as early as you can. Turn 12 is probably the hardest corner on the track. The track veers slightly to the right before turn 12, making you think that is the entry to the turn. Don't be decived though, keep to the left and keep your foot flat on the throttle until the 2nd board, where you will break. Nail your turn in, as going too wide will cause you to muck up your line into the last corner, and going too early will mean you hit the bush on the inside. Turn 13 is a flat, long left hander and then it's flat out to the finish.
This is certainly not a bad layout. Turn 7-10 is pure nirvana in a medium speed car, while there are some very unique features to turn 2 and 12. I'm not a big fan of turns 4 and 5. Turn 4's kerbs are very bumpy and the crest at the end makes getting on the throttle a real pain. Turn 5 is just pretty boring. Other than those two turns though, it's a very fun track to drive on.
Other features (7/10) The replay cameras are good. Not mid crunchigly epic, but it gives in idea of the action going on, especially through 7-10. As I said the theming is a bit confusing, hence using my (limited) GIMP skills I made a more era appropiate skin from the 1970s, but the red/white kerbs still make it look too 2010s ish. If you go into free roam mode however, there are some VERY interesting roads starting from the pitlane, crossing at the exit of turn 4 and rejoing the start line. They are like mountain switchbacks. I don't think they are drivable, but maybe that's what the "B Layout" is going to be based on
CONCLUSION: Grindlewald isn't a game changing, devoloper smashing mod track, but it is definetley worth a download, no matter what kind of player you are. It's very fun to drive on, and when the AI is fixed, should be pretty intense for racing. It's pretty much cool for all cars GT3 or slower, although I have only driven it with the Scirocco V8. Even if it's not for you now, the updates proposed look very exciting...
So happy that my favourite track in all of Gran Turismo is getting revived in AC! The flow is great and the modernization is something I realized makes the course better than it already is! Considering it's a work in progress, I will leave my opinions on what makes the original so unforgettable so that future updates can hopefully have this implemented and make this the perfect copy:

1. As someone else already said, more trees in the distance. The lush greenery around 80% of the course is what made this track so pleasing to the eyes! Perhaps a tweak in the color to made the trees darker green will help too.

2. Not so sure if you took the wire fences, metal barriers and large arrow indicators into account yet, but those barriers are what give this course the B-side mountain road feels. Hopefully this will pop out in future updates!

3. Just my pet peeve, but I noticed the right sidewalk on the 1st & 2nd corner became much wider on the second corner. I'm not sure if this is intended, but perhaps the width can be reduced on the further end to less than a car's width? It's that way in the original too.

I absolutely love that you added a train bridge and outgoing roads. Hopefully the houses will be different textures when it's fully done. But for now, overall, I'm really looking forward to new updates!
Grindelwald was one of my favorite GT2 tracks, and recently I had an idea of remaking it for AC.. thanksfully you already did it! :)
I drove some laps on it.. there are already good meshes, and looks really promising!
The flow is nice, even if I would slightly make less elevation changes. But it really depends on how far you are on the development tho.
5 Stars for the effort you are making on it! keep it up !
Amazing flow and very fun to drive on! Things I would recommend for the future is add some form of barrier that blocks the path to the tunnel area that leads off the map, some extra trees and update the road texture, Other than that this is an amazing track especially smaller and pre-war cars!
That looks amazing, keep it up!
Looks promising, I'm sure I'll update my review in the future.
Thanks ! Good job!! https://youtu.be/YJi3Tm5GPUY ;)
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