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Project Grindelwald 0.75

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This is an original track which I played a lot in Gran Turismo 2 and I wanted to drive here and share it for all the comunity of assetto corsa.
I made it entirely using Blender, Krita and Gimp.

Work to do:
- More objects in the track. (in progress)
- Better textures for some parts. (in progress)
- More balanced details in the whole track.
- Reverse Track if it is possible.
- Improve B and C course models and objects.
- More people around the track.
- Improve the pits.

- Snow Version (like in the real Grindelwald!)
- Animations (the train needs movement)
- Colission mesh to the whole track.

- Housing (in progress)
- Add Bushes.
- Improve the AI. (in progress)
- Optimization.
- Improve the background.

A few captures here





There is a link of google drive of the last version:

grindelwald 0.75

Enjoy it!

Latest updates

  1. 0.75 is here! New update of Grindelwald

    First of all, I have to say that this version took me lots of time due many issues and reworks...
  2. Update time, Grindelwald v0.45 released!

    A new update for this classical GT track after weeks. I tried to take more time than before just...
  3. Grindelwald v0.30 is here!

    Here it goes the new version of this amazing track from Gran Turismo, there is nothing relevant...

Latest reviews

I think this is the first case of a track where the copy is better than the original. Good work!
Was already very good, now (v0.75) it's excelent. A pleasure to view and also to drive. One of my favourite tracks in AC!
I checked the original Grindelwald in GT2 and must say you did an incredible effort of ideas into it. The original is much less interesting than yours. Thanks much keep it going!
Fantastic track that just keeps getting better with updates. Great flow, excellent visuals. Love the occasional appearances of the train alongside the circuit! A must-have...thank you for making it available to us!
Magnifique réalisation et améliorations graphiques. Cependant un problème reste persistant(comme sur les versions précédentes) : les AI ne peuvent pas sortir des stands(toutes ou certaines selon les tracés.
Awesome map, very fun.

I Also want to let you notice about a wall bug for next improves of the map. It is in the part of the tunnel, after 2nd turn. The green wall texture is not working, here is attached a screenshot of where it is exactly. I chose the long circuit layout

<a href=""><img src="" alt="20230405235828-1" border="0"></a>

Thank you very much.
You are right, seems like a I didn't noticed that wall before. I'll fix it next time. Thank you!
Super awesome GT circuit!!
Loving it! Thank you very much! The shorter track "c" is awesome for test driving new cars! I even created a camtool set por this layout!
Wow! Really good job with that cameras, it looks so different and smooth. Thanks to you for the video!
I haven't tried it with AI, but in practice mode it was really great and really polished. How did you even manage to achieve those high FPS? I couldn't get the performance to be that good on my Midfield Raceway...
I can't recall if the layout is 100% correct as there were only a few races back in GT2 featuring this track. But it feels very nostalgic and I remember driving a Lotus Elan there over 20 years ago!

To the reviewer below: I think about modding Red Rock Valley for a year now lol... but I haven't found that time yet and I also won't find it in near future.
Thanks for your review! I dont think it is too omptimized but maybe the track is cheap in terms of graphics because it is in progress right now. (and there are some textures that I keep in lowres on purpose). So I'm keeping to upgrade graphics taking care of a performance which my PC can deal with efficiently. Thats all.

About Red Rock I have the same problem with time, but lets hope somebody can make it for AC someday. Cheers for your track I enjoyed to driving in there!
Very amazing and fun track, now, I only need Red Rock Valley. Thanks, for this.
Thanks! to be fair, I want to make Red Rock Valley someday too, maybe after this track :) who knows.
Feels great already...Good luck with the project.
Mr. Malarkey
This is a very nice track, but as others have said the background textures need work. Looking forward to seeing something that replaces those weird house textures. And the mountain background seems a bit low-rez to me. I suspect this will become a 5-star once those issues are addressed.
Fantastic work and very fun track !
House and background textures are left to be desired but the rest is very well made.
Thank you for your work
For me it's the best track of the year, congrats. would still look at better texture on the mountain scenery and maybe ai is a bit slow at downhill turn after the trainstation. Otherwise it's flawless
Incredible. Luv your road surfaces
Screenshots didn't sell it for me until I saw the track with my own eyes. That moment I realized that this really is indeed Grindelwald.

I cannot believe its been 22 years since the original track has seen justice to bring it back to the modern era of Racing Sim which is truly a joy to see.

Please continue the good deed on improving one of the forgotten tracks of Gran Tuirismo 2!
Good job, keep it up!
Very good Updated!!
Thank you for the video!! I appreciate it!!
Hi. I liked the track, but the AI bugs after the start, the cars are wobbly (like when you warm up your tires before the races), any predictions for a fix?
Oh, Hi! The AI is from version 0.15, so It is outdated to the current one. So the AI at this moment is trying to folow a path that not exist because the track was lowered. Due this problem, is not working properly right as you noticed in that weird movement like a warm up. I'll definitely fix it in upcoming next updates.