Project Cars Random Race Generator v1.4

Custom Random Races

  1. Sam Ventura
    This mini application puts a little extra fun for single player and online. This application randomizes the car selection, track selection, class selection, and weather. The user also has the ability to change any section that they don't like. I built this app on my free time and I am still adding and updating it whenever possible. This is my first public release, any feedback or suggestions would be great in the support section since I am not a premium member yet. If you have any problems with the installation that is provided please contact me and I will look into the problem.

    This application supports all the DLC that has been published so far.

    Option 1: Extract all the files onto the desktop and use the setup to install the program.

    Option 2: Click the setup icon in the folder without moving the files onto the desktop.

    Message me for any problems.

    Go to add and remove programs and select the app to uninstall. If updating, after uninstall, install the new version.

    Version 1.4
    Added Stanceworks Pack
    Added American Car Pack

    Slightly Mad Studios
    jinkolog for the downloadable icons
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