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Project Cars 2 Random Race Generator 1.1

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Project Cars 2 Random Race Generator 1.1 Update
Some changes have been made to the update. Listed below is what has been added
  • Added Porsche DLC Pack
  • Added a Kart Only checkbox (Will display only the Kart tracks and Kart available)
  • Added all the Karting tracks
  • Added Read Me documents for install

Hello Everyone, here is the second installment of the PCars Random Race Generator. This is a standalone app that introduces a new perspective and challenges to PCars2, this is not a mod to the game. The app is intended to change things up with the normal online racing or the single player. It brings new challenges to try new cars that you would've never raced with on tracks and layouts that don't get used often. It can create some fun nights with something unexpected and will give a lot more replay ability to the game. This gives you the ability to randomize the car and track selection while choosing weather and class type. Below are some examples that the generator put together.

The generator has the latest car list and track layout along with many other features that will be listed below. I decided to create the second app because of the fun it provided with friends and others. The install on the first one was a little difficult as it accepted some machines while refused others, just want to say that was out of my hands and want to say this install should go much more smoother. This project was a nice little 2 month project to get through the winter months. I hope you will like the second installment Here are the features that have been added
  • Updated track list
  • Updated car list (More will be added with patches when they become available)
  • Car and class are now separate
  • Weather type can be manually selected
  • Weather progression and forecast are random
  • Weather slots gives the user up to 4 slots
  • Class type can be manually selected
  • Multi class gives users up to 4 slots (1st slot will always have the class chosen when selecting a car)
  • New logo
  • New Background

Please use this Read Me below to successfully install the app.
This app is for Windows 10 only for testing purposes. Developer Mode needs to be enabled.
If the app installer in not on your machine, please go to the Windows store and download it. This is a key program to install this app.

1. Download the app folder
2. Unzip the folder onto the desktop
3. Double Click the unzipped app folder
4. Right click Add-AppDevPackage and choose to Run Powershell (This will install the needed files and certificate)
5. Follow instructions in Powershell
6. Once completed, close Powershell if it does not automatically close.
7. Double click the PCars2 Random Race Generator_1.0.0.0_x86_x64_arm_Debug, this will have the largest KB and the extension will be called the APPXBUNDLE
8. Follow instructions for install

If you have any issues please feel free to let me know and I will do my best to resolve them with the program. Please leave a review of the app.


Sam Ventura
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  1. Project Cars 2 Random Race Generator 1.1 Update

    Project Cars 2 Random Race Generator 1.1 Update Some changes have been made to the update...

Latest reviews

Really like this! Really improves the experience, often comes up with interesting combinations that are fun to try. Something the game should have built in really, but that's unlikely to happen. So thank you for making this!

Looking forward to an update to include the new Le Mans DLC!
Why don't you use the normal Windows UI? This surface and the installation method are very bad.

How does the program work? I can randomly display routes etc., but how do I start the game? There is no start button.
How does the random selection come in Project Cars 2?

Sorry, but compared to the awesome Content Manager for Assetto Corsa, which also allows random races (see, I can only give one star here.
Sam Ventura
Sam Ventura
This program is a stand alone app and going under normal windows UI would cost a lot of money, meaning uploading it into the store. This app does not mod the game or has a button to start it. This app allows to create a random race, the user will need to launch the game and enter data that was generated.
Too complicated to install for so little. And i don't want Win10!
Sam Ventura
Sam Ventura
Sorry to hear that it won't install. The app is designed for Windows 10 only at the moment.
Doesn't install. Says it needs trusted certificate.
Very nice work. this app is very useful since the game misses always an random race generator like this. thank you for your work. thumbs up!
This is exactly what i've been looking for! works perfect and easy to install
dont have any idea what to do with this mod
Sam Ventura
Sam Ventura
I apologize that the description about the app wasn't clear. This is not a mod to the game, it is a standalone app the was created to introduce some more fun to the game. Instead of racing the same class of cars on the same few tracks, the app was meant to mix things up and try out new car and track combos while still managing what you want to put in. I hope you will give it another chance but thank you for the review and I will update the description to show what this app is about.
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