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Project Carmen Filter Add-On Pack I 1.0

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- Filter Add-On Pack I -

This is my first filter add-on for the mod, containing of 4 new post-processing filters.
These filters are mostly changing brightness and glare, I plan to make some more artistic stuff in the future.


- Alternative 1 is basically the same as the default config, but adds a bit more brightness.


- Alternative 2 adds more brightness, but also has a different glare and other tweaks.


- Soft, as the name suggests, makes the image softer and adds more bloom.


- Soft "CM" is based on the Soft setting, but slightly mimics the style, of a certain british developer.


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Latest reviews

godd filters,but for my sets its too dark..strange...
im not sure if its my monitors(IPS and a MVA panel) but i cant for the life of me notice any difference. I do have an eye for this stuff as im a photographer. Sorry but thats what it seems like to me.
Sorry, but there must be something hugely wrong, if you cannot see a difference. Some changes are subtle, but definitely visible.