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Project ✪ Reality ~ Natural & Vibrant Graphics w/ Reshade 3.0.8 0.1

Project CARS 2 Ultra Insane Graphics

  1. Leoneee.
    Hi! :)
    This is my first custom reshade for Project CARS 2 (never done in PC1) so it's looking good enough for me atleast not to share this with you!

    I will keep updating this mod, to make it simply the best! :D
    This mod features:
    - Ambientlight;

    - Curves;
    - Sharpen;
    - Vibrance;
    - Vignette;
    How to install:

    1) Download Reshade 3.0.8 ( link -> https://reshade.me/)
    2) Run Reshade 3.0.8 installation and choose "pCARS2.exe" in game folder then select "Direct 10" and install everything;
    3) Download the "Project ✪ Reality" then paste Natural.ini into Project CARS 2 folder;
    4) Run the game;
    5) Press Shift+F2, Continue, Select "Natural.ini" then Continue, Continue and Finish.

    adfadfdf.jpg Made a video, make sure to check it out.
    0:00 -> 2:00 Night to Day transition, Light Clouds to Thunderstormn
    2:00 -> 4:00 Day time, Heavy Fog weather
    4:00 - > 6:00 Day time, Clear weather
    ss024835.jpg ss023149.jpg fghfgh_rE7nZd.jpg ss023155.jpg


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