Prodrive M3 Steve Soper 0.91

Replica BTCC Prodrive BMW from 1991

  1. Phil Rose
    This is my first proper skin release as previously I had only made skins for myself.

    The car is a replica of the Prodrive built car that ran in the 1991 British Touring Car Championship with legendary driver Steve Soper at the wheel.

    The skin has been released but is not yet at a final state as I am unsure as to how to put names and banners on the glass as of yet. There is also a problem with not being able to exit from the showroom screen for some reason, hence the version 0.9. If anyone knows how to fix this then I would be very interested to know too. I just thought that I would share it with the community.




    1. preview.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. damss
    Version: 0.91
  2. Submerstep
    Version: 0.91
    Good work!
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