Preci-Spark Mercedes SLS GT3

Preci-Spark Mercedes SLS GT3 1.02

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Happy to present the first of a few planned Preci-Spark liveries for the SLS GT3 car. Love the simple look of Preci, this skin is a replica of the one raced at the 24H SPA 2012. The car DNF...hopefully it can do better in AC :D.

Part of the replica process was the decision to use 4K textures, since many of the details could only be seen that way. Many logos were custom made, including the Preci-Spark logo from scratch. It is just slightly different than the original, but the best I could manage :). Also replicated are the key slots for the door handles, black with silver slots instead of the newer silver-on-silver the car has in 2014. Also replicated are the arrows from scratch, and the metal exhaust plates with real metal texture and 6 rivets :) for the most accurate replica of 2012 Preci-Spark.

At GrafWorks, realism is the only goal :D



Latest updates

  1. changed preview image and logo

    I changed the skin preview and logo to my current shop logo.
  2. matte paint sections

    Added matte paint to the exhaust ports to imitate the actual car's corroded metal. Also, fixed...

Latest reviews

very nice!!!!!!
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Thanks :)
You've been busy!! Going to take a look at all those files in the pack :-) Great work, again.
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
This is not a pack, sorry for this misunderstanding, one of some meant for upload later.
I like the "Soft" colors on this car skin. Nice....................................=)
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Thanks Danny, so much more work to share this new year!

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Bernd Graf
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