Power & Glory for GTR 2

Power & Glory for GTR 2 3.2

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Power&Glory v3.2 Complete Installer


The aim of the Power&Glory mod is to produce the cars included in Simbin's GT Legends as close as we can to the way they were in the 60s and 70s. All cars have new physics and sounds, along with extensive textures and 3D modifications. We have also included some of the extra cars produced for GTL (with the permission of their creators of course).

The Power&Glory mod for GTR2 is also intended to run separately from GTR2 (so, as stand-alone), featuring new menus, even a dedicated soundtrack. Almost like a separate, new game title.

What you will need:

A GTR2 installation. Either v1.0 or v1.1 (the P&G installer updates to 1.1). A clean install is ideal.
1 file: P&G32fullmod.7z

When installed in a clean copy of GTR2 using option #2 - the installation size is approximately 4.2 GB

How to start installing:

Please extract the 4 files in the 7zip file to the same folder.

Just run PnGv3.2_installer.exe

Notes on the installing process itself:
The install process is straight forward except after a install type selection: "Please select the desired install type:"
We have 2 choices here to select from.

The differences between #1 and #2:

#1 uses an existing GTR2 installation to copy needed files from to a new PnG folder. Copy process will do CRC checking for some of the critical files to ensure that the resulting PnG folder will contain only correct file versions. The GTR2 installation will remain intact, no files will be changed there.
#2 will remove all unnecessary files from the given GTR2 path and add PnG files over them. There will be no CRC checking for the remaining GTR2 files. Naturally this GTR2 installation will not remain intact as it is converted to a full PnG installation.
Both #1 and #2 will copy/save your player profiles to the new PnG installation (if the source has profiles).

"Destination folder" (with both #1 and #2)
This is the path where your PnG will reside in the end. Note that in #2 this folder should have your preinstalled GTR2 in it to be converted.

"Source folder for GTR2 files" (only with #1)
This should point to a folder where you have a clean GTR2 installation, either version 1.0 or 1.1. The GTR2 files in there will not be modified.

In a popup window: "Would you like your player profiles copied from the GTR2 installation?" (only with #1)
If you answer "No" the installer will not even try to copy your player profiles to the PnG installation. Then when you start PnG the first time you will need to create a new profile for it to use.
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After windows 10 last update.. no more possible for me to run GTR2 nor This awsome Mod.. that previously knew (Ver.3.1)

Anythihg possible to do about this?
Top Notch work with outstanding historic details !!!
Still awesome
The Legend is here to stay. Great work!
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