Porsche Logos - Alternative Pack Updated 26/12

Includes various styles of logos to replace the standard logo with ugly white background.

  1. Marchetti87
    This pack contains real photo logos, 3D images or drawings that I found in Google and have been reworked to fit in the Assetto Corsa perfectly.


Recent Reviews

  1. Tostiman
    Version: Updated 26/12
    Thanks m8. For the lazy: number 7 looks the most like the official current logo.
  2. NeverKrash
    Version: Updated 26/12
    Thank you for the effort and the variation of logos.
  3. Greg Pugliese
    Greg Pugliese
    Version: Updated 26/12
    THANK YOU! Such a minor, inconsequential thing, and yet the default white background has been driving me nuts since release of the first Porsche Pack.
  4. Bert Austen
    Bert Austen
    Version: 2016-12-25
    very nice , thanks
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