Porsche GTR GT1 Alitalia livery 1.1

A little retro livery for the Porsche 911 GT1

  1. UltrA_TaseR
    Enjoy it!
    To install the livery go to: assetto corsa/content/cars/ks_porsche_911_gt1/skin and extract the folder "Alitalia" there. For any problems, contact me! Screenshot_ks_porsche_911_gt1_circuit_de_la_sarthe_5-7-117-14-2-23.jpg Screenshot_ks_porsche_911_gt1_circuit_de_la_sarthe_5-7-117-14-2-30.jpg Screenshot_ks_porsche_911_gt1_circuit_de_la_sarthe_5-7-117-14-2-35.jpg Screenshot_ks_porsche_911_gt1_circuit_de_la_sarthe_5-7-117-14-3-17.jpg

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  1. darkelf1
    Version: 1.1
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